Scottish Zone Squad

Scottish Zone Squad 2016/17


Head Coach

Anna Bird

Squad Members

Isaac Lines, Islay Watson, Erin Watson, Jude Nicol, Sam Brown, Andrew Brown, Maya Wylie, Millie Johnson, Katya Johnson, Ariana Johnson, Leonard Staber, Molly Maciver, Ruaraidh Sommerville

Where do you usually train?

We train at Cumbrae, a small island off the coast just across from Largs.

How often does the squad meet for training?

In the winter we meet once a month for a whole weekend. The training camps are residential and last from Friday night until Sunday evening.

What is your normal training routine?

We meet at 7:30am and go for a run and some exercises before breakfast. After that we rig our kit, have a briefing and change into wetsuits. Then we head out for the first session on the water. The water sessions are always different and it also depends on the wind conditions. We come in for lunch where we have another briefing for the afternoon session. Then head out on the water again. When it’s really windy in a cross-shore it can be great fun to blast off the beach and do gybing practice.

After the session we come back in, derig, change and have a briefing before we can get our diner. In the evenings we usually head into the gym and do circuits or other exercises. Once we are done we have bit of time to socialise or do homework before heading to bed.

What do you like best about the squad?

It’s really cool that our camps are residential and the social aspect is great.

Is there anything you don’t really like?

The early mornings.